About us

Incubators under the trademark “Kvochka”, ovoscopes (equipment for determining the quality of incubation and table eggs) under the brand name “Syayvo” have been produced since 1995.

A heat lamp and a cord are being used in the hatcheries:

–  Tube heater (four lamps) combines the simplicity of the design of the incubator and high temperature stability;

Imported heat cord, in conjunction with the fan and the air distributor, provides temperature accuracy of 0.1 degree. It distinguishes this heater from electric heating element, which has high thermal inertia – more than 2 ° C, that has a negative impact on the process of an incubation.

Among all the incubators, which are made in Ukraine,  only “Kvochka”  incubators are additionally equipped with a special hygienic pallet, which are made of a special food plastic.

Hygienic pallet protects the base of an incubator against polluting hatchery products. It is also easy to clean and disinfect after the incubation process, that significantly reduces the chance of young birds` infection from various diseases.

A design of our products is constantly improving and nomenclature is expanding.

We can produce incubators for reptiles, as well as for a queen bee incubation.

A special ovoskope production with LED illuminators that provide enhanced light output with minimum power (from 2 to 10 watts) has begun in 2009.

Ovoskopes are being produced by the piece and in series for checking the eggs in trays with 30 pieces without manual egg shifting or shifting by the piece.

This product is unique in Ukraineand abroad.

The production of the incubators was started in 2011 and it doesn’t require manual coup eggs, with improved air distribution and uniform temperature control and humidity. This construction with an incubator along with an ovoskope provides high (90%) chicks hatching any time of a year.

The products were patented in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. They were governmentally certified according to the State Standard of Ukraine. They also have hygienic conclusions and a trademark certificate.

Incubators and ovoskopes have an original packaging with the company logo. The packaging is made of cardboard and ensures a safe transportation.

Due to the high consumer quality and reliability our products are always in demand among the customers.

We deliver our products to the CIS and the EU countries as well as to the countries of the African continent and the Middle East.

We provide a warranty and a post-warranty  service of our products, regardless of the place of purchase.

The warranty on all the products is 1.5 year.