Questions – Answers

How long does incubator hold heat in the event of a power outage?

Incubation process is preserved during power outages of up to 5 hours.

If there is no electricity more than during 5 hours, you need to put on each observation window of incubator water heater with hot water (temperature at least 65°C) and cover them with a heating pad so that the vents are left open. There should be more control over the temperature in the incubator.

Advantages of tube heater and electric heaters to the cord heater

Four 60W incandescent lamps, which are connected in series are used in our construction of the heater lamp. Each lamp is energized to 55 Volt, i.e. light shines at ¼ of its capacity. This allows the heater to keep the temperature with high accuracy, and the distribution of four lamps diagonally provides uniform heating of air over the entire volume of the incubator.

We use the thermal heater with imported cord in the new model of incubator MI-30-1E. Unlike electric heaters it has a metal casing. It gets rid of such negative factors as thermal inertia, which is inherent for electric heaters.

When using a heat cord or other similar heater, you must have a fan and air distribution otherwise heat in the incubator will not be uniform.

In our design, in combination with a heat cord, we use silent fan with magnetic suspension, on top of which there is a distributor of air.

The service term of the thermal cord is at least 10 years.

What should one do in case of breakage?

There is a safety guarantee for 1.5 year for all products of our manufacture. That means that repair is free of charge during the warranty period. You must send the product to the manufacturer, to the address specified on the packaging and in the manual.

We also provide after-sales service of our products for 5 years.