Trading center, service:

“Ost-Invest” Ltd, Khomenko Str -19,
Cherkassy, Ukraine – 18008
 phone.: (38)-0472-63-14-54
e-mail: ostinvest@incubator.com.ua

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The requisites of the firm “Ost-Invest” LTD
26006000000733, JSC “Ukreximbank”, KYIV, MFO 322313, code  ZKPO   21356563.
“Ost-Invest”, 22a Pryportova (Geroyev Stalingrada) Str., P.O. Box 3,
Cherkassy, Ukraine, 18021
phone: (38)-0472-76-81-92,
phone/fax: (38)-0472-73-11-44;The administration, the delivery of goods by special delivery:

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