The drug “Brovadez C Plus” for disinfection

Indications and use: disinfection of hatching eggs and household incubators.
Dosage: Diluted in normal, non-chlorinated, drinking or cold boiled water in the following concentrations:
¡ª 0,25% (syringe 5sm3 for 2 l of water) ¨ C is used for the disinfection of hatching eggs and domestic incubator “Kvochka” in its preparation and after incubation.

Contaminated eggs are briefly (no more than 5 seconds) individually worked up before the start of incubation, by dipping them in an aqueous solution of the drug. Try to remove dirt from the eggs by gentle washing dirty hands directly in the solution. After that, remove the eggs from the solution and let them dry off, put them on a soft cloth or towel, without wiping them.

0.1% (syringe 1sm3 to 1l of water) C is used:
– to keep moisture in the incubator “Kvochka” and thus eliminate odours inside incubator;
– 0,01%   for watering the chicks, while preventing their disease.
Contraindications: avoid contact with soap and washing powder, as they partially reduce the activity of the drug.
Storage: Store in original packaging (bottle) in a dark place at a temperature of 0 to 25 C, avoid freezing and overheating. Expiration date is 4 years. Date of manufacture is written on the package.

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